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About Us

KEY COMPONENTS CO., LIMITED is a global supplier providing products,service and program solution to industrial, comercial electronic components and enterprise computing solution users.As supply channels partner, KEY COMPONENTS CO., LIMITED offer services to 140,000 OEMs, value-added resellers, contract manufacturers and business customers via worldwide sales network.

KEY COMPONENTS CO., LIMITED distributes products from over 750 reputed manufacturers. We offer full range of items including various kinds semiconductors, interconnect chips, passive devices and electromechanical components.Meanwhile we have proffestional logistics and fast excellent customer team services,providing new products and latest tech to the engineers and buyers at a faster speed.

As a big agent distributor, KEY COMPONENTS CO., LIMITED is responsible for clients and to consider for the staff. We are keeping on business innovation and improving sales performance. Our constant efforts is to become an everlasting excellent enterprise in the distribution field. Our products are widely used in communication, instrument, audio video display, data collection, net work and ARM developing, etc. We have rich experience in the area of electric power systems products, program control exchanger, communication equipment decoder, program-controlled equipment, CNC machines and industrial controllers, etc. We have great advantage in single-chip embed system, especially in large-scale programmer(CPLD、FPGA、PROM), high speed static memory(SRAM) and other kinds of high level memory(double port RAM,FIFO), etc.

Main areas: the below world brands included:

IC: INFINEON, XILINX, LINEAR, ALTERA, ATMEL, STC, Intel, TI, Philips, Hynix, MITSUBISHI , ADI, IR, ICSI, Samsung, Renesas, Toshiba, ST, Motorola, Fairchid, AMD, Atmel, Agilent, IGBT, SCR, MDS: Fairchid, MITSUBISHI, Toshiba, FUJI, SEMIKRON, SanRex, SANKEN, IXYS,IR,EUPEC,. ARTESYN, SANREX, COSEL, SANREX, SANYO
Resistor: AVX, VISHAY, Yageo, Murata, Panasonic, ROHM, TDK, FH;
Capacitor: AVX, KEMET, VISHAY, YAGEO, SAMSUNG, Skywell, Fenghua Hi-Tech;
Inductor: VISHAY, muRata, YAGEO, TAIYO YUDEN, TDK, TOKO, TOREX , Sunlord, AEM, AVX, Panasonic;
Crystal Oscillator: muRata, EPSON, Sunlord, Kyocera, TXC, TDK, XtalPi;
Others: Fuse (LITTELFUSE, CONQUER, HOLLY); Connector (PHOENIX, PRONIC, UNICONN); Amphenol connector (CNNT); Relay (Panasonic, OMRON, SongLe.); Dupont Line, Mini Jumper, door sensor, reed switch, float switch, Wire(HDMI, VGA, 1394, DVI, audio video line, etc);

Currently, We offer designing, manufacturing, supplying and delivery supporting to different customers worldwidely--no matter your products period being in mind, achieving mass production or whenever stage.

KEY COMPONENTS CO., LIMITED owns the flexibility of fast product launching. Having a close relationship with the globally most trusted technology companies for nearly a century, we can help the unknown concepts becoming well known products.